Skeleton Knight V5 Epilogue

Silver here,

Well I’ve made a writing blog. From now on every project I’m in charge of will be archived here. As a person that hates to take indefinite responsibilities this has been a major step for me. The Silver from two years ago would have laughed in your face if you told him he would do weekly LN translations and actually put pin to paper for the stories he’s been mulling over in his head, yet here we are. As I’ve always I appreciate your support, critic, and intellectual challenges.



9 thoughts on “Skeleton Knight V5 Epilogue

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  2. May I know if you can take dropped project? there is a good novel called godly thief incarnation which got dropped at chapter 183 which is sad because it is good novel and I have been asking around if someone want to continue that novel but nobody seem to care so far… it doesn’t feel great reading unfinished novel.


    • I never read godly thief incarnation, so I don’t know if I’d be interested in it. I also have my hands full with RL and my current projects, so it’s unlike that I can take it up right now, thanks for the novel recommendation though.

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