Skeleton Knight V7 Chapter 05 & 06

Silver here,

“The country was saved because the princess was a cute little girl” You’ll the the context for that in a little bit. Anyway time to clean house:

  1. I took down the donation button and it won’t back up until we get through most of the bonus chapters already funded. I appreciate the support, but we need to uphold our end of the bargain.
  2. EPUB for the first six volumes have been made, Enjoy
  3. Still managing to fed off the existential dread of leaving collage for unstable job market by throwing myself into nostalgia, writing, and translating.
  4. I have two chapters for you today. Enjoy the end of volume 6. 25 and the start of 7. Enjoy.

That about covers it.


Skeleton Knight 07 Chapter 04

Silver here,

Nicholas D. Wolfwood is one of my favorite characters in all of anime and manga, if you don’t know who he is than get out here before I aim the punisher on you. So, who’s your favorite character from an anime you like?

Also, Ariane should really use her earth magic more often. Enjoy

Skeleton Knight V7 Chapter 02

Silver finally here again,

Sorry for the near radio silence and lack of releases, but lets just say things got complicated on Namorax and my end. In any case, I see that counter on the side and its best we start knocking those down before it gets out of hand… again.


P.S. for those that only come over from NU here a chapter of my novel I release a while ago.